How to Find the Best Mugshot Removal Service

How to Find the Best Mugshot Removal Service

Mugshot Removal Service

When it comes to how to finding the best mugshot removal service, doing research ahead of time is critical to finding the company that can provide the most thorough results and value for money.

Mugshot removal is becoming increasingly important in the digital age for finding jobs and protecting your reputation. After all, mugshots taken in one police department can quickly circulate all over the internet due to specialty sites like Potential employers and even potential dates can google mugshots to find an individuals picture regardless of whether the pictured person has even been convicted or gone to trial.

Even mugshots taken mistakenly or preventatively can go viral and affect someone’s reputation and job prospects, and with the growing popularity of social networks, the damage can be done in record time. With such drastic consequences, mugshot removal services are more competitive and important than ever before. Mugshot Removal Service

Three Tips for How to Find the Best Mugshot Removal Service

The first thing to look at when choosing a mugshot removal service is how expansive their reach is. For example, a professional company like can eliminate mugshots from not just one, but all of the databases in the United States. Some other services can only remove photos from one or a few of the sites. Unfortunately, news travels fast on the web so the most efficient way to remove a mugshot is to get it eliminated from the database in every state in which it exists.

The next thing to do when evaluating a mugshot removal service is to find out how long it takes for them to deliver results. After all, the sooner mugshots are stopped from spreading and eliminated, the better. Though mugshot removal is a complicated process, an experienced company like can deliver an order in just 72 hours.

Finally, make sure you are getting a good price by comparing competitors and finding a service that includes a guarantee.

Some mugshot removal services will charge their customers for each removed image or per site. More often than not, a bulk order will mitigate the cost of the mugshot removal service. Of course, a reputable company like will also provide a 100% money back guarantee so that the client has nothing to lose (and everything to gain). This guarantee is just one reason the company has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Like any business, prompt, thorough service, a fair price, and a comprehensive guarantee are the most important elements when it comes to how to find the best mugshot removal service.

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  1. Kendra
    2 years ago

    Thanks for this post on finding the best mugshot removal service. I used for my mugshot on and they were able to remove it for me very quickly. And thanks to this site i was able to locate them and get my mugshot removal done and over with.

    Thanks again

  2. Jason
    2 years ago

    Thank you. My friend tried the mugshot removal from the place you talk about and they did actually remove his information from fairly quickly.

    For people who do not have the proper court paperwork to get their mugshot removed for free this is the cheapest mugshot removal service we found for mugshots. $129 mugshot removal from isnt a bad deal. most other places wanted like $299 or some craziness. Thanks again for lookin out.

  3. Ruth Martin
    2 years ago

    My neighbor asked me to find him a good mugshot removal service. The job he was working in previously did not care, but he is planning on changing jobs soon and decide he would have a better chance at getting the job he wants if he gets his past removed from the internet. i’m glad I found you – now I can tell him where to get it done!